Immerse Yourself In The World Of KPop Culture & KPop Music

What is the biggest band representing the KPOP music genre right now? it is BTS of course, and they were on AGT or America’s Got Talent at the close of last season. Any appearance that this band makes really brings a lot of attention. BTS made AGT blow up in popularity the night that they performed.

I like KPop music. I’m not the biggest fan and don’t claim to be, but the genre is interesting. The actual music that these bands produce is catchy, too. I also happen to like the style that comes with the music genre. It’s really interesting how these bands are set up, too. It’s a completely different culture than how things go down in America.

You see, when a boy band is formed in America, it is all about a few particular group members. They run their course, and they are not replaced. New band members aren’t typically introduced. With Kpop, however, that’s not the case. BTS is full of quite a few members, and the band gets new members from time to time as well.

It’s interesting how fans of BTS are devoted to both the individual members and the band itself. No one person is really the face of the band, and the way the band is handled, it could continue for decades. New generations could grow up with the newer members that consistently get introduced to BTS as a band.

From what I know about KPop, it seems that all the bands have the potential to be handled this way. There is not one mold or one way in which the bands are handled, but the point I’m making is about the culture. It’s also interesting to read about how KPop bands are formed initially. Those kids work hard to be selected, and Korean culture makes them work hard once they are part of a band, too.

There are cultural differences for sure between boy bands in the US and boy bands in Korea. It’s really neat how KPop has become such a worldwide phenomenon. If you haven’t listened to this type of music, give it a chance. It has many ties to what is popular right now with bands in the US. The beats are good, the music is good, and the lyrics are good. Step into the KPop culture, and see what you think about the music that is being produced.